Saturday, March 17, 2012

1. Pete Prodoehl on Defending your rights to music without a law degree

When Pete Prodoehl's work was used without attribution, he fought to enforce his license and won. He didn't need any stinkin' attorney to do it either (nor even one with an agreeable aroma). Find out how Pete did it, and learn some tips that might help you enforce your license.

This is not legal advice.

Targeted show audience.
Lawyers: How to talk to non-lawyers.
Artists: How to enforce your rights without a lawyer; some resources to find free / cheap legal representation.

We talk with Pete Prodoehl, who's been involved in many disciplines of the creative arts, from music to photography, as well as videography, writing, drawing, and general computer hackery. Pete has been involved in open source software, and many other open initiatives such as BarCamp, Bucketworks, Web414, and MilwaukeeDevHouse. Check out Pete's music here. And his photography here.

Show Tom and Doug did with Pete back in 2010

Pete has been using CC for ~7 years. He mostly uses BY-NC-SA, but he has experimented with other licenses.